Drone pilot courses

Flying drones is pretty straight-forward nowadays. However, responsible flying and knowing your and your plane's limits is a much harder exercise. 

For these reasons we've decided to host drone-pilot courses where we pass on the knowledge our team has gathered through years of work, so the next-generation of pilots will also fly responsibly. During our 2 days long course we talk about all the important topics regarding drones. We talk about: up-to-date laws regarding drones, basics of correct flying, drone structures, types, settings, use-cases, post-production - these are our main topics.

After the theory lessons we move on to real-life practice. We show the basics of flying and some tips and tricks to beginners all the way to advanced pilots. Everyone can fly with the popular Phantom series drones these days, but besides that you can try bigger drones with 6-8 propellers. We don't just play around with consumer products!

The course ends with a theory and practice exam and those who successfully pass it will receive a diploma and a drone-pilot badge. We welcome you to our next course! Feel free to contact us with your questions!

We welcome you with open arms to the oldest drone-pilot school in Hungary!

Registration for our 2 days long pilot course - Costs: 59.500.- HUF

Postponed indefinitely - ask or write email!

Pictures from previous courses

35. 2020. Sep 18-19. Post COVID training!
34. 2020. Jun 19. Agricultural training33. 2020. May 9-10.
32. 2019. Nov 17-18.
31. 2019. Oct 12-13.With park rangers!   
30. 2019. Sept 14-15.In perfect weather!  
29. 2019. Jun 15-16.In extreme heat! 
28. 2019. May 11-12.  
27. 2019. Mar 30-31.  
26. 2019. Feb 23-24. 
25. 2019. Jan 19-20. 
24. 2018. Oct 13-14. 
23. 2018. Sep 15-16. 
22. 2018. Sep 5-6. 
21. 2018. Jun 19-20. 
20. 2018. Apr 21-22.More photos
19. 2018. Marc 10-11. 
18. 2017. Nov 18-19. 
17. 2017. Oct 21-22.
16. 2017. Sept 23-24.
15. 2017. Jul 8-9.
14. 2017. Jun 14-15.
13. 2017. May 20-21.  
12. 2017. Feb 18-19. 
11. 2016. Nov 19-20.
10. 2016. Oct 15-16.Very secret course. I will be shooted down If I share any details... :-)
9. 2016. Sept 10-11.  
8. 2016. May 21-22.
7. 2016. April 9-10.  
New Drone Pilot ID Cards  
6. 2016. February 13-14.
5. 2015. November 7-8.
4. 2015. September 12-13.
3. 2015. June 6-7.
2. 2015. April 25-26.
1. 2015. March 21-22

We held our first Basic Drone Pilot course in BUDAWEST offices with the help of Zenn Modell.

The 20 people course was highly varied in experience: from beginners to those with more time flown. The theory exam was a bigger challenge for some and we had perfect luck with the weather on practice day. This way even though everyone wanted to learn more and more in both theory and practice the short 2 day long course rewarded everyone with new knowledge, experiences and earned respect for responsible flying. 

More photos: Picasa

14-15 February 2015

With the help of the Association of Óvár Farmers we hosted a "Drone pilot" course at the West Hungarian University. Among the students were already a few experienced pilots - even general aviation. The course was designed specifically for the DJI Phantom drone family and the students also accomplished a succesfull practice exam

The course contained drone history, structure, technology, usage, repair and flying and also about current problems with legislation. Students got a clear image of the technology's depth as well as its dangers, typical problems and avoiding them. The wide variety of drones available created a unique opportunity to get to know this world during bachelor studies.