Swan - Ikran

The SwanG 2 uses petrol engine, while the SwanE uses and electric engine. 


SwanG / SwanE 

Type: Explorer
Production time: 1 month    
Wingspan: 3.9m Vmax: 160 km/h
Weight: 10 kg Vnorm: 70 km/h
Thrust: 30cc MOKI benzin (gas) vagy290kv brushless electric Vmin: 50 km/h
Profile: HQ Flight time: 3hour / 1hour
Weight-load: 5 kg Range: 20-25km
    Alt max: 3000 m
Contains: Paint, box Take-off: 40m


The plane is the further development of Piroska's design in order for it to carry DSLR and FLIR cameras in gimbals. The big space on the inside makes it possible to design a system that absorbs the vibrations of the 30 qcm petrol engine.