The base for this copter is the DJI F550's frame which is extended with a special module that enables it to carry a GoPro camera. 



Production time: 1 month    
Wingspan: 55cm Vmax: 30 km/h
Weight: 3 kg Vnorm: 3 km/h

6 x Brushless Electric

Vmin: 0 km/h
Propellers: Carbon Flight time:

12 minutes

active working time

Weight-load: 1 kg Range: 1.5 km
    Alt max: 6500 m
Contains: n.a. Takeoff: 1x1 m


Small, agile and flies exactly where its supposed to - not to mention there are lots of them! With its GoPro Hero3 (Black Edition) camera it can capture 4K video as well. Its picture can be seen in the van's GCS system as well as the portable control system. 

Easy to use, our pilots' favorite. Enables completely free movie making, object tracking and FPV flight. 

We currently have 2 pcs ready to go in our fleet.