Heavy Lifters

The basis of this copter is a DJI 1000+ frame which has been further developed to suit unique needs. 

Heavy Lifters


Production time: 1 month    
Wingspan: 1045 mm Vmax: 65 km/h (depends on weight-load)
Weight: 4.4Kg (on its own) Vnorm: 3 km/h

8 x Brushless Electric

Vmin: 0 km/h
Propeller: Fiber Flight time:

15 minutes maximal active time

Weight-load: 1 kg Range: 1.5 km
    Alt max: 6500 m
Contains: n.a. Take-off: 1x1 m

Destined to perform at the biggest jobs. It can lift anything and provide a stable flight. A DSLR or even a thermal camera poses no problems for the S1000.  It can be easily configured making it able to perform basically any job you throw at it.