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  • Benczúr11 project

    We mean this is the base of presentation of a property development in video... Film, virtual reality....Future and past, inbound!

Statue 3D modeling

Click on the player and take a look at the statue of Rákóczi on Kossuth square. Rotate it, enlarge it, explore it! 

The rest of our models are available on SketchFab!

Listed house before renovation


Nagyalácsony - A listed Butchery and Pub house. We didn't have any documentation of the building at hand. We flew around the building and gave the finished, resizeable models to the designers. This way the measurement time was significantly reduced and the models of the old building could be loaded into any designer application to be the basis for the redesign.  


Real-life birdview

Computer generated reconstruction plans

3D survey of the Somoskő castle

External pages

You can check out all the models we've made on Sketchfab.

On Skypixel we showcase a few short films from our work.