Thermal search&rescue

Building diagnostics

Infrared (IR) cameras are used to diagnose the condition of buildings by detecting thermal bridges and other anomalies.

Roof inspection

Locating wet insulation in roofing systems using Infrared Imaging mounted on a drone is the most effective way.

Solar Inspection

An infrared camera detects the temperature differences in or on a photovoltaic module and visualizes them in a thermal image. GPS coordinates can be stored to each saved image.

High voltage

Abnormal heating associated with high-resistance or excessive current flow is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems.

Security and rescue

Searching for people and animals with the option of alarm mode utilization and manual temperature range tuning.

We recorded this small movie with Roger.Wilco to show, what can achieve the Wiris thermo cam installed on our DJI S1000 drones. Simple full detailed control on-line from minibus.

The solution can order as a  service similar to our agricultural surveys without extra cost of tranportation. You can order it booked or real search&rescue scenarios.