Drone technologies


Mapping and 3D modeling of buildings and city districts

Quick, comprehensive measurements and 3D modeling. The models are measurable, changes can be visualized between different measurement times. 



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Field mapping - aerial photo, orthophoto, 3D modeling - with georeference

In December 2014 a sudden sleety rain destroyed hundreds of acres of forest space. Most of the territory was not passable on the ground. Our drones quickly measured the field with programmed flight plans. From the finished models we were able to show the extent of the damage on various parts of the forest. But it is not necessary to wait for catastrophe to strike, from similarly made general condition measurements verderers and national parks can gain insight which can't be obtained otherwise. 

Target price: 3.200 HUF / acre
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Parasite listing - Ragweed discovery

Ragweed is making life difficult for many. Cutting it is obligatory and non-compliance results in fines. But how can we cut it if we don't know where and how much is necessary. Oftentimes even those with a grand soil in their hands don't know the importance of this matter, we seek to help these people. Our service can be a huge help in cutting, or in a different case in handing out fines. 

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Agricultural surveying

Georeferenced surveys in visible and non visible domains. In NDVI measurements the composition of the ground can be specifically seen: soil composition, crop and ground height differences, results of different damages, sizes, animal damage or even old riverbeds. In sure knowledge of these you can optimize work on the fields, which guarantees returns on the long term. 

Target price: 3.200 HUF / acre
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Microwave penetration survey

During our microwave penetration survey we fly through the proposed position of the transmitting tower; we fly on multiple heights and predefined angles to try to find the best spot for clear visibility of other transmitting stations for a microwave connection. Oftentimes this is in a territory filled with forests, church towers and other difficult close-to-ground locations. For good visibility we need clear weather conditions, because in most cases we need to spot the other transmitting stations' top in 8-25 km's of distance in a far away forest. We then need to take a proper photo, which clearly identifies the target. For clear identification we use the close-ground photos of target transmitters. On some spots we look for target transmitters in 3-4 directions. 

You can make good decisions on the location and size of the proposed tower (20-30-40 m) based on the photos we provide from different heights. 

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Aerial photo and aerial video

Using drones for shooting aerial photos or videos is the most popular use-case for the technology. We create ads, introductory and documentary movies, if need be we convert our drones to become actors in the movie. 

5 minute video or 100 pictures: 15.000 - 20.000 HUF / flight, min. 3 take-offs + travel cost
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Control systems

Control point

Our controls are completely mobile and have a quick reaction time. All of this installed into a mini-van. 

Upon arrival we can immediately start working on the project. Everything is available: continuous battery charging, long distance antennae systems and computational analyzation capacity. 


Applied control systems

We use 3 different control systems to maneuver our drones and FPV aircraft. These have ground and air control systems which we summarize below. 


Autopilot systems




Tiny 1.13
Twog 1.0 / Beluga - METEOR-3MA
Tiny 2.1 / METEOR-3MA
Yapa 2 / Swan
NavGo v3

Naza M - Katacopter
Wookong M/A2 - Beastcopter
Phantom 2v+, Phantom 3, Phantom 4
Matrice 100


Control systems




Drone production and rigging

Our company not only produces but as a service it lends the following aircraft and drones. Upon unique request we rig your own camera, spectrum analyzer or anything else and then provide a trusty pilot to deliver your package where you request it. 

Swallow - METEOR-3R - ARF 17 pcs - RTF 1 piece

We call it the "Piroska" (Little Red Riding Hood). It was created by big minds such as György Görög in the 90's. The plane is very stable, nearly unbreakable, a constant survivor. With its 30 qcm petrol engine it can basically fly out of this world. The significant frontal surface does not permit high speeds and its glide ratio is not enough these days. But it's advantages combined with its simplicity make it an ideal work platform. 


Swan - IKRÁN - RTF 3pcs

A new construction based on Piroska's design. Similar fuselage size, lengthened wingspan and "sharklets" on the end of the wing. All of this for better stability on yaw axes for the cameras and optical systems rigged to the aircraft. Ideal long-distance exploratory plane. Thanks to its wingspan it has a significantly better glide ratio than its predecessor but with the same robustness. The version built with traditional materials flies under the "Ikrán" name... Get to know more! 

Beluga - METEOR-3MA 

Born in 2006 as the creation of Szabolcs Szabados, Attila Székely and Szilárd Fülöp it is an evolution of previous aircraft aimed to achieve higher speeds and better glide ratio and called METEOR-3MA. On the good ratio providing neck of the aircraft sits the Hungarian-made Jet engine which easily propels the plane to up to 220-250 km/h and in case of engine failure enables it to glide 6 kilometres to reach home safely.  Get to know more!  


Katacopter - RTF 2pcs

Small, agile, precise and we have a lot of them! With its GoPro HD Hero3 (Black Edition) camera it can shoot in 4K. Its picture can be seen in our van's GCS system or on the portable control system.  Tudj meg többet róla! 

Heavy Lifters (S1000) - RTF 2pcs

For the real heavy-lifting and special sensor needs we've deployed 2 DJI S1000+ copters. These can carry their weight-load in a 50km/h wind. We install unique sensors upon request to these machines. 

Beastcopter (S800 / S800 Evo) - RTF 2pcs

Professional work needs a professional machine! The DSLR class Sony NEX7's heavy optics, full 360 degree turns and the retractable legs in front of the camera require performance. This machine can carry out fully autonomous photo-missions as well as explorations. We deliver its pictures over the internet to our customers so remote control and remote mission change is possible. 

Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 4 - RTF 1,1pcs

For education, traveling and simple pictures the ideal choice is the DJI Phantom. Trusty and quickly installable. 

Matrice 100 - RTF 1 piece

DJI's developer platform, the first of the "seeing" drones. It can see objects such as walls, plants and humans and alters its flight so that it doesn't crash into them. Through its SDK it can be uniquely developed. Its frame is robust and stable. It can be configured to carry thermal, infra normal cameras (X3,X5) or other sensors. It is otherwise surprisingly quiet.