"the semi autonomous drone system" 
The products was developed with support of EU and Hugarian Goverment: VEKOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00011
Project title: Automatizált pilóta nélküli jármű fejlesztése őrzésvédelem területhez
Project finance: 33.113.625.- HUF
Project finance percent: 61.93%
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FlyBySense - IT & Aerial robotics

Professional services in the air and on the ground

For some it's a game and hobby, for us it's our profession. Day after day we strive to stretch the borders of currently available technology to its limits and deliver unique solutions to a wide array of problems. 

Aerial photo and movie creation. Ortophotos and 3D modeling with great precision. From small to grand areas, may it be a building, a cable-system, archeological exploration, a forest, a field, factory area or anything else. Documenting special occasions and areas from new perspectives. For sudden events we provide quick reactions and solutions. 

Many years of experience, modern equipment, integrated use of various systems and continuous adaptation to new challenges!

We hope we've caught your attention and soon we'll be able to work together!


Building modeling with centimeter precision, even at difficult and un-accessible terrain. From finished models we can easily create reconstruction plans for buildings. You can get precise measurements from such plans.

Aerial photos and videos

We shoot unique aerial pictures, even at hardly accessible locations. 


From huge areas we can create centimeter precision surveys and different types of maps. 


The biggest difficulty of surveying after a natural disaster is the enormous area it effects. However surveying the affected environment systematically using drones can yield precise information about a huge area, even within a time-limit. 

Building and repairing drones

It's hard to keep up with new technologies, that's why our customers often need our advice. Our specialist have extensive copter and controller building expertise, so they have a good chance of answering your questions. 


Drone pilote courses: from beginner to advanced level practice oriented courses.

Questions, problems feel free to contact us!